One of two video art installations at the New Valparaíso Cultural Center in Chile on occasion of the International Dance Day.


Both about in the works of prestigious Contemporary Dance Choreographer Isabel Croxatto, we shoot at the same location where we planned to project them. In fact, screen was located at the same spots the videos were recorded, causing a sort of deja-vu feel to the viewer.

Creator's work its highly conceptual, she gave me the inputs to achieve the maximum coherence between her concept and final image. Some rotoscope mixed with still pictures gave as result this kind of surreal Escher-esque images.



Music by Trentemoller - Gush (Blagger's Bring It Back Beatless Remix)


Canon 7D L Series 24-70 f: 2.8

Adobe Premiere & After Effects.

An extraordinary group of 20 artists, dancers, painters and intellectuals were summoned to perform during three hours, inspired by the work she had published in a blog (http://narcisoelextasiado.blogspot.com/).


There, they found concepts, inspiration, music, pictures and videos, to use as guidelines for recycle, remix and transform it for the performance.

The audience was involved as part of the performance, they were invited to share all the pictures and videos they take to the social networks making the event a fully connected artistic experience.


Canon 7D, Helios 54mm f:2.0

Performance Photography